Kuvings Celebrates its 43rd Anniversary

The company presented 10-year and 5-year long service awards to 10 and 20 employees, respectively, and certificates for performance to 3 employees who received promotions in the second half of the year. The ceremony was participated in only by the awardees in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Founded in 1978, Kuvings celebrated its 43rd anniversary this year…

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Supports Weight Loss2 Jars / Quick & Easy 2 Radishes (60g×2), 2 Tomatoes (180g×2), 3 Carrots (150g×3), 1/2 Lemon (60g)) / 232 kcal Radishes contain numerous minerals and vitamins.This juice is an absolute source of energy and strengthens the immune system.1. Wash the ingredients thoroughly.2. Remove the stalks from the tomatoes and chop the ingredients to fit the feed opening.3.…

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Relieves stress and sleep disorders2 Jars / Quick & Easy 2 carrots (160g×2), 1 stick of celery (80g), 1 broccoli (300g), 1 pear (300g) / 319 kcal A really refreshing combination – the sweetness of the carrot is balanced by the other ingredients. This juice is a real stress killer and gets you going. 1. Wash those.2. Chop the ingredients…

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